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Santander 123 Credit Card Login

Apple pay: Here we are talking about UK’s bank Santander. This bank is the latest big bank to release an iPhone/iPad app for their Apple user customers. For the customers those without Apple device, for them also there is an improved mobile banking service available by Santander. Credit card providers by Santander called 123 Credit Card. Here we will see how one can use Santander 123 Credit Card App with iPhone. It is the fastest and convenient way for banking. The customer also checks Santander 123 credit card cash back list and login account.

UK’s bank Santander

We all know about internet banking. Most of the people choose to work online rather than go to the bank personally. Every bank launches something new time by time. How interesting it is if you can do your banking work from your mobile! Yes, it is possible now. If you are a user of Android mobile phones, iPhone and iPad then you can able to use mobile banking. It is so easy to use and convenient too. At your time, from anywhere you can check any information regarding your account and banking.

About Santander 123 Credit Card

Santander has two types of cards, you can choose the right for you. One is for if you are looking for Cashback, to spread the cost of purchase and second is to transfer a balance from another card. Santander got it covered.

Santander 123 Credit card lets you earn up to 3% Cashback on your everyday spending. It also offers you 0% interest on purchase and balance transfers for 23 months with no balance transfer fee. This is avail with just 24 Euro annual fees.

If you are an iPhone user then you can easily access Santander 123 Credit Card Application. You can follow the below steps to use this application on your iPhone.

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How to use Santander 123 Credit Card App for iPhone?

  1. First, go to the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Search ‘Santander Business Banking’ to access.
  3. Download the Santander Business Banking Application on your iPhone.
  4. Like internet banking, you can log in your account same way in mobile banking to access your 123 Credit Card account online.
  5. Take a look at below image of Santander iPhone App home screen 
    Santander 123 Credit Card App For iPhone
  6. As shown in above image you can choose any of the options you want to access. There are a number of facilities you can use. You can locate a branch of Santander with ‘Find a branch’ option. You can choose banking option for banking and card transactions. 
  7. There is an option ‘My Accounts’, by choosing that option you can able to view and manage your 123 credit card. On selection of ‘My Accounts’ option, the page will open that look alike,
Santander 123 credit card cash back list

You can see in above image that there is an option of Credit Cards where you can choose 123 Credit Card.
So, you see how easy is to use Santander iPhone App. Now let’s check what you can do with this iPhone App.

Features of Santander iPhone App

  • The Santander iPhone & iPad Apps allows you to log in with your usual online banking login details, you don’t need to create any other log in detail for this App.
  • You can able to view all your account balances including your Santander Credit Card.
  • This App allows you to view your recent transactions.
  • You can able to view transfer funds between accounts and can pay existing recipients.
  • It allows you to edit and cancel pending payments and transfers.
  • You can able to find your nearest Santander Branch with branch locator.
  • You can set up and view account alerts.
So, all in all, it sounds like very impressive iPhone App to use and that is why it gaining an average score of 4.5 stars on iTunes.

If you don’t’ have iPhone or iPad then Santander have also improved their mobile banking for any smart Android phones. It’s a mobile friendly version of Santander Online Banking that offers you many of the most popular features of their desktop service. To use Santander mobile banking services go to with your mobile internet browser. It avails you the use of it.

So, what you are waiting for? If you are an iPhone or iPad user then download this wonderful app of Santander credit card NOW!

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