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My Instagram Account Sign In login is necessary for manage this social networking site. In today’s world, so many social networking sites are available in which  INSTAGRAM is not an unknown word for anyone I think so…because in this smart world of android mobiles and computers with advanced technology, maybe rare people unknown of this word, INSTAGRAM.

Most of the people who work with advanced technology and android phones are used to of it. Here we will know in detail about how to create an account on Instagram, how to log in and much more, but before we start to know about how to log in Instagram, we should have information about this website that what is it and how it works.


Let's check my Instagram account login help. It is an online service where you can share photos and videos and also it works as other social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Flickr etc. It was created four years ago by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger of Burbn Incorporation in October 2010. The developer of this application is facebook incorporation. Instagram available in 25 languages, so you can use it in a language you prefer more.

This is the fast way to photo and video sharing. The total size of the Instagram application is 9.93 MB. Maximum limit of duration of the video on Instagram is 15 seconds. Its unique feature is that it keeps images or photographs in a square shape only. The popularity of this application we can see by the numbers of users which was more than 100 million until April 2012. This is very easy to use application and it cost nothing, so free of charge you can share your precious and happy moments with your family and friends by sharing an image or video.

How to Create Instagram Account?

It is very easy to use application. On the first page of Instagram, you will find two options, sign up and log in. The user who has already an account can log in directly after entering username and password, but the user who has no account on Instagram, have to first sign up for a new Instagram account then after user can able to access this account. Username must be unique as it will not allow you to access the account with a name which already created by another user.

Like other social networking sites, you can not directly use, all you need to have an Instagram Account first then only you can able to use Instagram facilities. You can simply download and install the Instagram application from Google Play for Android phones and from App Store for iPods and iPhones.

After installing the application, you tap the ‘Register’ button where you need to provide username and password for your account to create your Instagram profile. After providing the details, press the DONE button where you will get a message like ‘you have successfully registered on Instagram’ if there was not any error.

Instagram Log-In Steps

With this user-friendly application, after account created, it is very easy to log in. Once if you created the Instagram account successfully from your iPhone or Android phone, you can log in from your PC or laptop too. All you need to do is to visit the official site in your favorite web browser. After that, you can easily share photos and videos with your friends by providing username and password from your PC and laptop too.

Login page for Instagram

As we can see in above image,

Login page of Instagram is where after providing username and password, you can able to access the Instagram Account.

Once you create an account in Instagram, automatically you are redirected towards login page, where to access the account you have to submit username and password.

In the case of you forget the password it is easy to get a new one by pressing on Forgot password option which is situated exactly below the password box.

Above whole procedure shows that how simply you can share photos and videos by using this user-friendly application with your friends and relatives. The best part of the application is the fastest way it shares photos and videos. So, you don’t have to wait to upload images and videos on facebook then share with friends. With Instagram, you can share photos and videos at the same time at fastest way. Like other networking sites, in Instagram too, friends can also give likes to your photos and videos.

More Social Sites Login Guide

So, what you are waiting for? Just download this application from your App store or from Google Play Store and just sign for your own Instagram Account Login and enjoy the magic of this application features and keep updated your status by sharing photos and videos with your friends.

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