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AT & T is an Internet Service Provider in the United States of America. It is a web portal that includes news, sports, weather, entertainment, email, applications, products, and services. The portal created by them to support AT&T Worldnet in 1995. An ATT Internet services are previously known as SBC Internet Services. It is a trade name for several joined companies. It provides email login web portal for consumers and information service.

It’s also giving service of AT&T Yahoo! Internet service. ATT Worldnet is a dial up Internet Service. As time passed away, achievements of them make the web address for this united portal. As mentioned earlier, it provides email service too. So here we will discuss how to Login email account. One can easily sign in by following few steps given below.

Companies that provide AT&T Internet Services

i) Ameritech Interactive Media Services
ii) Pacific Bell Internet Services
iii) Prodigy
iv) SNET Diversified Group
v) Southwestern Bell Internet Services
vi) AT&T Worldnet

How to access email Login service?

It is so simple and easy to an email account. As you generally use other internet service provider to access mail, the same way you can use this email service. Follow the below steps for login email service.

  1. Go to in your favorite browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc., you can choose any browser from them.
  2. Choose the Mail icon there on the home page.
  3. It will direct you to the sign in page. Please have a look at below image of the sign in page.
  4. As shown in above image you will ask to enter your user ID that can be your email id and password to sign in
  5. If you have not email id yet, then you need to enroll first for that and then only you will be able to access their email service.
  6. Once you enter correct user id and password, click on the button “sign in” to log in your account for email access.
  7. You can select the option by checking “keep me signed in for 2 weeks unless I signed out”. This will keep you signed in for 2 weeks automatically. But it is better to not choose this option if you are on shared computer or using a public computer.

So, as you see it is very easy to login for email access. In case if you forgot your user id/ email address or password then there is a link “forgot user id/ email address” for user id and “forgot password” for password retrieve. These links will help you to log in successfully.

Features of

ATT Uverse Activation

  • Once your email address stored online with, you can access your email anytime from anywhere from any device connected with internet whether from home or from wherever you go.
  • Access of is very easy and user-friendly. You just need to go on the home page of and select the email icon available there. You don’t need to learn more to do this. It is very easy configuration.
  • Whatever mail there is in your email account are stored online, but may be in the case of your hard disk crashes or failure of software then maybe you lose all your data.
  • AT&T gives you wide storage capacity for your emails. You can store emails as many as you want and as long as you want.
  • You can easily review unwanted messages. They put them in a spam folder. In case of any non-spam mail saved in spam, you can move it in the inbox as per your need.
  • Not only email facility, but many other tools also providing by You can send a text message to any mobile number from here, you can access Yahoo Instant Messenger as well. You can also easily maintain online calendar and book.

So many facilities you can have by the just sign in with your email id and password with email login service. Without wasting any more time choose this one as your internet service provider.

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