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Get help and overview for Citi Thank You Card Login to check the points you earn, pay the bill, know more about Citibank Thankyou Reward Program 2017 offers and rules.

Citi Thank You Cards

We always thank our customer for our business that plays the main role in giving success in any business. Citibank thinks that the credit of its success goes to support the customers only and to say Thanks, it set up Thank You Rewards program where you can earn points after enrolled in and then redeem the rewards.

In consumer banking, it is a leading player in the world. By this Thank You reward program, Citibank wants to say Thanks to the customer for choosing their services. To become a member of this reward program, here we will discuss how to login Citi Thank You Rewards Card?

What is the Thank You Reward Program?

As we mentioned above that for choosing its services, Citibank launched this Thank You Reward Program, for this customer does not require doing anything special, if you have a checking account then you will earn point by doing day to day banking transactions. If you have a credit card then you can earn extra points too by purchasing through credit card.

What is Good in Citi Thank You, Card?

There are many types of credit cards available in the market of without introductory rate offer while Citi Thank You card gives 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months to their customer. After 12 months, APR will be 12.99% to 22.99% depends on creditworthiness. This introductory offer can help you to save money is you use this in the proper way. It gives bonus points too after a certain amount of purchase done by your Citi Thank You Card.

One another benefit of this card is like other reward cardholders, these card holders do not have to pan any Annual Fees to keep enjoying the use of the card. This is the best feature to choose Citi Thank You reward card. Like other reward cards, there is no boundary for redemption options. You can redeem Thank You card points for shopping, travel reward, cash and much more. You can gift it too. Also, you can choose more than one option of redemption.

There are many benefits of this card, but one should keep in mind that if card holder often has a foreign trip and use City Thank You card, then it will charge 3% for every foreign currency transaction.

Access Citi Thank You Card Login

  1. All you need to have a computer with Internet access and most important thing you must be a City Thank You Reward member.
  2. If you have already Citibank checking account or credit card then you will automatically be enrolled in the program and if you do not then visit the website to enroll for the membership of reward card. 
  3. Once it is confirmed that you are a member just visit the official site which is There will be a link written with “Setup a User Name” which you have to click to manage the rewards and to set up an account.
    Citi Thank You Card Login Page
  4. After pressing on that link, you will ask to choose the way you become a member, choose the right option and then click “continue setup” button.
  5. You will have to give personal information which you asked to give, provide all the information there and then clicks the button at the bottom which labeled with “Search and Continues”.
  6. Follow all the instructions you need to complete the registration for City Thank You Reward Card login.
  7. Once you successfully register, you can log in anytime to manage your accounts and redeem the points you have earned.

So, by following above steps, you can easily log in and can enjoy the reward of your choice. Don’t wait anymore, just grab the opportunity to become a City Thank You Reward program and enjoy the reward of your choice from the list of the number of reward option. It is not compulsory that you have can choose reward option like travel reward, gift cards, shopping etc., you can choose the cash option too. This is the best feature of this Reward Program.

So, become a City Thank You Reward Card holder and enjoy the wide range of Rewards! Best of Luck.

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