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Access sign in page for your Coke Rewards points, Bonus Codes & Promo Codes. Here we will discuss how to Sign In or Join My Coke Rewards? Before we move further let’s have some detailed idea where you will come to know about what exactly it is.

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The icon above of the company says itself everything. It does not require any introduction because in routine life we all often use the various brands of the company. It is worldwide famous yet we will know some more about the company.  Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold everywhere in stores, restaurants and on vending machines too worldwide. The soft drink is produced by The Company. The company was founded by John Pemberton.  The soft drink Coca-Cola was introduced in 1886. Headquarter of the company is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. People generally refer as coke.

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Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable brands in the world. It is as popular as there is no place in the world where you will not found this soft drink. Especially by the young generation, it consumes the most. It is a Caramel E-15d colored soft drink. We always thank our customer for our business that plays the main role to give success in any business. Let's check My Coke Rewards Sign In help.

This is worldwide famous brand so obviously, the consumers are also in large number. And that is why Coca-Cola thinks that the credit of its success goes to the support of the customers only and to say Thank you. It set up Rewards program that is called My Coke Rewards (MCR) where you can earn points after enrolled in and then redeem the rewards. By this reward program, Coca-Cola customers can win the rewards. To become a member of this reward program, you need to Sign In or Join first.

About Coke Rewards

Just collecting the points can make you able to win the rewards. Yes, it is possible in my coke rewards program where you can win rewards by just what you love to drink. As my coke reward program is designed around you and your interest only. With a variety of ways to participate in the rewards program as the reward, opportunities are endless. It all starts with points and status. To get the reward, you need to earn points which you can earn by entering codes found on the packaging of your favorite Coca-Cola brands. For example,

Coke rewards bonus codes

Codes are located under caps, inside the tear-off 12 – packs or multi-pack wraps. As we said it’s all about points and status.

Now we will know about the status. There is three status of My Coke Rewards program, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The status will decide on how many points you have earned. The bronze catalog is available to all MCR members, but you can build status and can move to Silver or Golden catalog by earning more and more points.

The activity of entering the code and earn points will help you to climb to the higher status. The more you enter the more you can earn. To ensure points, you need to enter code entry field in the main menu.  As you will start to earn more and more points and complete the activities, a level will go up from Bronze to Silver and Silver to Gold and each level unlocks expanded rewards catalog and gifts.  If you will visit my coke rewards site then you will come to know more about different status and the rewards you can win with.  They are like,

Coke rewards image 1

Coke rewards image 3

Obviously, you will eager to join this wonderful reward program. So here are some steps that you can follow to Sign in or Join my coke rewards program.

How to Sign in or Join My Coke Reward?

It is as easy as 123 to sign in or join my coke rewards program. Here are the steps for the same.

  1. Visit the official website of the company that is
  2. Select the Sign in / Join tab on the homepage.
  3. This will direct you to the sign in page where the already member of MCR can sign in and the new to MCR can join. The signed page that open will be somewhat like,
    My Coke Rewards Sign In
  4. The already registered member on a Coca-cola can use their existing email and password to make sure that any MY Coke Rewards points are shown in your account. Pressing ‘Sign in’ button will take you to your account. 
  5. In case you lost or forgot your password then you can take the help of the link available on the sign in page that is ‘Forgot password?’ This link will help you to retrieve your password.
  6. One more way to sign in is your social account. You can also use your Facebook credential to sign in your MCR account.
  7. This is for the members, who are already registered, but what about new users? For them ‘Join’ link is available on the sign in page. The link will take you to the registration process where after providing some details you can join and become a member of MCR.

So, you see how easy and simple is to sign in or join my coke rewards program. Become a member today, start earning points and win rewards!

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