Commerce Bank Sign In and Routing Number: How to Setup Online Banking

Commerce Bank Sign In Page and Routing Number: How to Setup Online Banking

Commerce bank online sign in page is a web page for login access. To manage your account on computer or mobile you need to setup online banking Commerce bank. We all need financial services for personal and professional. Generally we all trust on Bank for our financial requirements. We all use banking services and aware of all the services providing by banks. As we all know banking sector is becoming more and more upgraded with time by time. Something new facility or service launched by banks regularly. If you are finding routing number then it also available with branch name.

Internet banking is became basic need of individuals and in business as well. The main benefit of this service is that it is very time saving. Today, nobody have time to stand in queue in bank for small transactions. Internet banking solves the problem of wasting time for banking work. It makes your all work so easy and simple. With few finger clicks, you can do all your banking needs. That is why Commerce Bank offers online banking service to their customers. Commerce Bancshares Inc. is the parent company of the commerce bank. In is the bank holding company in the United States.

The Company was founded in 1865 by the founder Francis Reid Long. It is providing services in finance industry with having branches in Colorado, Kansas Missouri, Illinois and Oklahoma. Company operates everything from the head office located at Kansas City, Missouri, United States. It is oldest and largest bank in Kansas City. Here we are going to discuss about Commerce Bank internet banking services. For that you need to access your Commerce Bank account sign in page. Let’s see the steps for Login Commerce Bank.

What is Commerce Bank Online Banking?

It is the service where Commerce Bank allows you to do banking securely and at fastest way from anywhere, anytime. With this service you can able to have immediate access to personal and business finance information anytime. You can easily do banking from your home, office or on laptop we have mentioned all benefits of Commerce Online banking here below. And most important thing is that Commerce Bank does not charge anything for this service. There is no charge of this service.

How to Login Commerce Bank?

If you are already a primary account holder of the Commerce Bank then it is very easy for you to Sign in by following few steps. The steps for Login are,
  • Go to the home page of in your favorite browser.
  • There is a Login link available on home page, click on that.
  • It will take you to the Log in page of Commerce Bank online banking. For more idea take a look at below snapshot, 
    Commerce Bank Sign In Page
  • As shown above, all you need to do is to enter your Customer ID and Password to Login. Once you successfully entered both, press ‘Log in’ button available at the end of the page.
  • Commerce Bank allows you to choose the page you want to go on after log in your account. For that you can choose the available option from the drop down list. You can also make that page your default page by selecting ‘Make this my default page’ option available there on Log in page.
  • If in case you forgot your password then you can take the help of the link ‘Forgot Your Password?’ This link will help you to retrieve your password. 
  • If you are new to Commerce Bank then to enroll for online banking service click on the link ‘Need to activate Online Banking’ showing on Log in page. Click on this link will take you to the registration. 
So, you see how simple and easy to Log in and enroll for the Commerce Bank online banking. Now take a look at the benefits of online banking.

Benefits of Commerce Online Banking:

  1. You can access your Commerce Bank account online 24x7.
  2. You can review your transactions.
  3. To check the account balance is very easy with online banking.
  4. You can able to transfer funds between Chequing account and Savings account easily.
  5. You can able to get and view monthly e-statements by enroll for e-statement facility.
  6. It is free to pay your bills and other payments from your account online.
  7. You can request for stop payments on cheques you have issued.
  8. You can able to check records of past transactions.
  9. You can make loan payments by transferring funds directly from your Savings or Chequing account.

When banking is as easy like this then why should choose any other option to use banking services. Make your banking easy, convenient and fast by choosing online banking of Commerce Bank.

Routing Number of Commerce Bank

The routing number is a nine digits number that serves to identify the specific financial institution responsible for the payment of a flexible device. The routing number can be found in the bottom left corner of your cheques. The Routing number of the Commerce Bank is 101000019.

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