Intelispend Prepaid Reward Card Management

Intelispend Prepaid is a private company, which provides businesses with prepaid solutions, including prepaid cards, online reward management technology, and program management. Its products address a broad array of applications, such as employee reward and recognition, sales incentives, expense management, and consumer and more. If you are managing your account with Intelispend, you have to receive Intelispend prepaid card. Once an Intelispend card is receive, you can visit the Intelispend prepaid card and register for that to manage your account online whenever you want by internet connection. To registration, you just provide your card number and security code.

By Intelispend online account, you can securely manage your reward card, view your transaction, check your account balance, view your account statement, view and update your card history, transfer funds, pay bills and so on. They provide solutions include consumer, sales, channel and employee incentive programs.

About Intelispend Prepaid Solutions

Intelispend Prepaid Solutions is a private company. The company was founded in 1997, and founder of this company is American Express and Maritz. It was headquartered in Fenton, Missouri and United States. It provides incentive programs for 76% of Fortune 500 companies. The company offers business to business reward solutions for corporate incentive and consumer promotions programs. The company provides two types of product such as, card program and incentive program. Maritz bought out American Express’ interest in the company to obtain 100% ownership in 2010.

The company offers prepaid cards and American Express gift cards for programs including employee recognition, sales incentives, dealer incentives, consumer promotions and more. It was area served in United States and Canada.

How Can You Manage Your Intelispend Prepaid Reward Card?

  • Requirements

  1. You have a computer with access to the internet.
  2. You need to have your Intelispend prepaid reward card and the security code at hand.

  • Follow Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the website of Intelispend Prepaid Center at : 
  2. Fill out your card information such as, card number and the Expiration Date into necessary field, and get on “LOG IN”.
  3. Then you are directed to the management page of your Intelispend account, and select the service you need among the menu whenever needed.
  4. Read the Frequently Asked Questions on its website at : 
  5. For further information about Intelispend Prepaid Solutions, please refer its homepage at :

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